Broken windows – what to do next

You come home or head to your business premises and find a smashed window, what do you do? Finding damage to your property can be distressing. Whether due to vandalism, burglary or another incident a broken window can feel like a big inconvenience. Here we detail the steps of what you will need to do.

Boarding up broken windows

The first thing you will want to do is board up the area that has been damaged. This will involve clearing away the broken glass and putting up boards in the window. Boarding up will re-secure your home and keep the elements out until the broken window pane can be replaced.

A professional window company can come out and do this for you. The Leicester emergency boarding up company that homeowners and businesses choose is Norman & Underwood. We have professional window fitters that come out quickly and take care of a broken window.

We offer a 24 hour emergency boarding up in Leicester and the Midlands. We can be there when you need us. Our professional installers will make sure that boards are installed in a way that will not damage the surrounding windows and window frames.

Ordering replacement glass

After the damaged area is secured with boarding, you will need to order replacement glass. You should inspect the area and see if any of the frame has been damaged too. When measuring for replacement glass you will need to take a number of measurements. The glass supplier will need to know what type of glass you need, such as double glazing.

Whether you need a replacement window, new double glazed window pane or a window repair a professional window company are the best ones to turn to in this situation.

A window installer will come out to your property and take the appropriate measurements to make sure any new glass fits perfectly. They will be able to fully inspect the window, locks and frames to check for damage and assess what needs to be replaced or repaired.

Installing replacement glass in double glazing

Once the new replacement glazing is ready it will need to be installed. Placing a new pane in a double glazed window unit can be done quickly. With 24-hour emergency glazing services in Leicestershire and beyond, our fitters can have your windows back to their best in no time.

A professional installer will have all the required tools and experience that will allow them to install the new glass without damaging it.

A broken window can feel like a big problem to fix but with our services, we can handle everything from start to finish. Our installers can visit your home and carry out an emergency boarding up. We can produce the replacement glass for quick delivery and installation.

Contact us today for replacement windows, emergency window repairs or boarding up services.