Choosing the best design for replacement windows

If your home needs new windows or is under renovation, then you are about to be spoilt for choice. There is an extensive range of styles for you to choose from. You might be looking for a style that blends in with other homes nearby or maybe you are looking to make your home standout.

No matter what you are looking for, you will find the solution with Norman & Underwood. Your windows can be made to any size or shape of opening and there are plenty of options to suit any budget.

The types of replacement windows

Windows are made to various styles and there are a number of ingenious ways that your windows can open:

  • Sliding – These windows slide horizontally in tracks that are built within in the window frame.
  • Double hung – These windows slide down or up and are often referred to as sash windows.
  • Hinged – Hinged or casement windows are hinged at the sides or hinged at the top.
  • Tilt and turn – With these windows you enjoy a combination of two mechanisms in one. The first mechanism tilts the window giving a small opening at the top. The second mechanism allows you to completely open the window
  • Bay and bow – Bow windows are rounded and form an arc consisting of four or five windows. Bay windows are angled and are typically made up of three windows. Bow and bay windows also allow you to see more of the outside, while drawing more light into the room.
  • Heritage – These are 19th Century replications of a sash timber window. You can have the benefits of a modern thermal window but the look of a more traditional window.

Four things to consider when choosing replacement windows

Once you have decided on the type of window for your home, you can consider the elements that will make your windows unique to you:

  1. Colour – Popular frame colours include woodgrain, grey and white but others colours are usually available. You might also want to consider the colour of the glazing, with options including stained glass.
  2. Material – You can choose between uPVC frames and aluminium frames and our glazing experts can inform you of the benefits of each.
  3. Thermal properties – Glazing can work to keep your home cool in the summer and warm in the winter. Double glazing sealed units are one option and the next step up is triple glazing, which also works to provide an element of soundproofing.
  4. Style – You may need to consider the architecture and age of your home, as well as if any windows are not being replaced. If you have a listed building, then secondary glazing or secondary double glazing can be manufactured to fit seamlessly inside your existing frames and windows.

If you are looking for replacement windows and the best design, then Norman & Underwood are here to help. You can speak to our glazing experts today, so give us a call on 0116 231 8000 to find out more.