Why Should You Have Double Glazing Before Christmas?

As we’re approaching Christmas season, we are already starting to think about those warm and cosy nights at home with our loved ones. The one question in mind might be ‘how can I make my home even warmer?’. We have the answer – Double Glazing Windows! 

There are many benefits for having secondary glazing in your house, not only the reduction in your bills! Check out our blog on The Benefits of Secondary Glazing to get started!

Christmas Living Room
Christmas Living Room

1. Finance benefits

Having to increase our budgets for all the lovely Christmas presents for our loved ones, being able to save money from your next energy bill sounds pretty good, right? With double glazed windows, you can significantly improve your home’s energy-efficiency rates.  But keep in mind that even if you already have double glazing in the house, that doesn’t mean they don’t need replacing after a while! Old windows can lose their capabilities over time, and the main signs to look out for are worn seals and broken or damaged frames, so make sure you upgrade your windows in this case as soon as possible. 

2. Warmer home

Double glazed windows have an extra layer of glass, therefore, of protection against the cold winter nights. Studies show that the air that gets through the windows is up to 64% lower, so start browsing and pick the right windows for your home. 

3. Longer lasting

Has it ever happened to you that someone from your home always turns the heating on several times per day whenever they feel cold? This is because standard windows keep the house warm for a brief period of time, which usually means that your energy bills will go up. Double glazing prevents heat loss and stops draughts through the window and the frame, making it the perfect choice during the cold season.

4. Re-decorate

Especially with the holiday season just around the corner, why not add a personal touch to your home? People are increasingly opting for coloured windows to suit their family’s personality and taste in design to add a touch of authenticity to their home. Colour, style, design, shape, and everything in between – why not make it a little bit more festive when replacing your windows? 

 5.  Stop the fog

Especially when there is a big difference in temperature between the inside and outside, your window seals can give up and create a lot of fog. This could ruin your morning contemplation whilst sipping on your cinnamon-spiced chai latte in a crisp winter morning, and it doesn’t sound good, right? This is another good reason why you should invest in installing or replacing double glazing windows in your home to enjoy the views from your windows. 

If you are thinking to add secondary glazing, or if you just need assistance with finding the best replacement windows for your house, contact us today! Our friendly and expert window installers can visit your home and provide a quotation for window installation, repairs, or replacement to fit your needs.