Energy efficient windows / glass

The windows and doors in your home can account for up to 10% heat loss. Windows with energy efficient glass can reduce this heat loss. Replacing old glazing with energy efficient windows can reduce your utility bills, keep your house warmer and reduce noise.

Double and triple glazing

Windows with double glazed panels use two panes of glass to create an insulated barrier to the outside. Your house may have double glazed windows in it currently but this does not always mean they have energy efficient glass in them.

Older styles of double glazing simply use the two panels of glass as insulation against the outside elements. Modern energy efficient double glazing and triple protects against heat loss further with special coatings. The panes of glass will have a coating on the inside which will prevent heat loss.

There is a further element added to make these latest models of windows even better. A non-toxic gas fills the gap between the panes of glass. This gas is more dense than the normal air that would be between the panes. This makes the windows even more efficient at keeping the heat in your home.

If you have a part of the house with a lot of glass, such as a conservatory, you should consider changing this to energy efficient glazing. A conservatory or sunroom with special low-emissivity glass can be used all year round. You may find that your current room is cooler in winter. Energy efficient glass in a conservatory will keep you cosy during the colder months.

Triple glazing adds another pane of glass for even more energy efficiency. The latest triple glazing panes also have special coatings on them and include the gas between the panes. This low-emissivity glass is known as E-glass and has become the industry standard for the most energy efficient choice for homes.

If you have windows facing north or east, you could consider changing these to triple glazing. Windows on this elevation of your house will usually be prone to the most heat loss. Replacing these windows with the best energy efficient glass will help reduce your monthly bills.

Choosing the right energy efficient windows

When choosing the right windows for your home there can be many things to consider. The material that the frames are made from can be important. Some materials are more energy efficient than others. You will need to decide if you want to have triple or double glazed units and if you want to have the special coated glass and gas filled panes for the highest possible energy rating.

A professional glazing company will be able to explain the options to you. If you are considering changing your windows to energy efficient glass or you need a price for replacement windows, Norman and Underwood can help.

Our expert window fitters can visit your home, assess your current glazing and suggest the best replacement windows for your home. Contact us today.