French doors vs. Sliding doors

If you have a new addition to your home or want to add more light, choosing a large glass door is ideal. When it comes to glass doors for a patio which style is best? You will have lots of styles to choose from including sliding doors or french patio doors.

Choosing between sliding doors and french doors

Both styles of patio doors provide some distinct advantages such as adding more light to your home. The increased light adds the illusion of more space making your home feel bigger. The large glass panels in french doors and sliding doors gives you more of a view of your garden. Bringing more of the outside in to your home lets you enjoy your garden in all seasons.

Choosing between french doors or sliding doors for your home will be based on a number of factors. It may come down to your personal preferences. The space you have may also decide the patio door style you can choose. Here we look at the pros and cons of sliding doors versus french doors.

Pros and cons of french and sliding doors

French doors have been a popular choice in homes for many years. The doors are constructed with hinges that allow the doors to open inwards or outwards.

Pros of french doors

  • Can be interior or exterior doors
  • Create the impression of a bigger space
  • Many styles available
  • Allows full access to the door opening

Cons of french doors

  • Require more space to accommodate the doors swinging open
  • Do not suit all types of home design

Sliding doors are a more modern choice for homes as they have only become available in recent years. Older models have a reputation for being a security risk but modern sliding doors are much more secure.

Pros of sliding doors

  • Bring in lots of natural light
  • Perfect for smaller homes where space is a premium
  • Adds the illusion of more space

Cons of sliding patio doors

  • Can be more expensive than other styles of doors
  • Less of an opening – as one door slides behind the other you don’t get access to the full door opening

Sliding doors or french doors – which is best for your home?

When choosing the best patio doors for your home there are several things to consider. Your personal preference may be for a door that opens fully, so a french door is the one to go for. If you have limited space for the doors to swing open a sliding patio door will be a better fit.

Depending on your budget and the location of your new patio doors, you may be advised that one style is better than the other. A professional window installer will be able to go through the best options for your home. As a window company Leicester homeowners choose for quality windows and doors, we can help.

Our window experts can visit you and talk through the most suitable patio doors for your home. We can provide patio doors of all styles, sizes and configurations. Whatever you need for your house, we have the right patio doors for the job.

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