Top 5 home decor improvement trends for 2021

Due to last year’s incredible shifts in our daily lives and world operations, most homeowners seek the latest home improvement trends to renovate their homes accordingly.  Did you know that according to most recent studies, it is predicted that by the end of 2025, 22% of the workforce will be working remotely? This is an… Read more »

How much value does double glazing add to your home?

Throughout recent years, having double glazing in a home became a standard. However, despite the higher demand for double glazing, most homeowners don’t know how much value it can add to their properties.  With this in mind, we want to answer this question by taking a closer look at some of the benefits of double… Read more »

Pros and cons of having skylights installed in your house

Whilst installing a skylight in your home can seem like a universally great idea and design feature, this comes with a couple of flaws as well. There is no question that a skylight window can be beneficial for a house due to their increased ability to bring in natural light.  While this being the case,… Read more »

Top 5 essential tips for window maintenance

When it comes to the maintenance of your house, your windows can be easily overlooked. Most homeowners tend to focus on the significant aspects of the house such as the painting of the walls, the electrical wiring, the garden and so on.  This article has five quick and easy tips for you to help you… Read more »

What are the benefits of roof lanterns?

Whether you are eagerly waiting for the summer sun and heat to flood your house, or for the crisp winter weather, installing a stylish roof lantern can bring a lot of excitement to your property during these seasonal periods, and beyond. The roof area of your house represents an ideal zone to add additional glazing… Read more »

How often should you replace windows in your home?

When it comes to your home windows’ expected lifespan, there are many tell-tale signs that you can notice, which will indicate if it’s the right time to replace your windows.  Maintaining your home is a crucial (and inevitable) part of your life, and when your windows start to present damages, they can have severe consequences… Read more »

10 Tips On How To Decorate Your Windows This Christmas

Our favourite time of the year is approaching, and you’ve guessed it, we’re talking about Christmas! When it comes to decorations, there’s a lot to cover inside and outside your house. You might start decorating your living room, kitchen, bedrooms…but what about your windows?  Now you might be wondering why are windows essential during holidays?… Read more »

Why Should You Have Double Glazing Before Christmas?

As we’re approaching Christmas season, we are already starting to think about those warm and cosy nights at home with our loved ones. The one question in mind might be ‘how can I make my home even warmer?’. We have the answer – Double Glazing Windows!  There are many benefits for having secondary glazing in… Read more »

How to keep your house warm this winter

As winter approaches and the weather gets colder, you and your family will want to enjoy plenty of cosy nights at home. But how do you make sure your home stays warm and comfortable? Your heating system will add lots of warmth, but you will need to make sure your home doesn’t lose the heat… Read more »

What are the most popular window styles in the UK?

When it comes to choosing the best windows for your home, it can feel like a big task. There are so many choices when it comes to styles; how do you know which is best? Here we explore the most popular window styles in the UK. We look at why you should choose a specific… Read more »