3 Most Common uPVC Door Problems and How to Fix Them

Over time, all doors and windows will face wear and tear. However, there are some issues that uPVC door owners will face more so than others, and with these doors being among the most common front doors in Britain, they are very common. We will go over these uPVC door problems as well as how… Read more »

How to temporarily fix a shattered house window?

There are several reasons that you may find a shattered house window. Cracked windows from weather damage or broken windows after a break-in will require replacement. While a window repair company will usually be able to come out a repair a broken window quickly, you can do some things in the meantime. A broken window… Read more »

Common double glazing problems and how to fix them

Double glazing is an excellent way of making your home more energy efficient. It is designed to make your house more cosy for years after installation. If you have problems with double glazing in your home it can be incredibly frustrating. The windows may be old and showing some signs of wear or you may… Read more »

French doors vs. Sliding doors

If you have a new addition to your home or want to add more light, choosing a large glass door is ideal. When it comes to glass doors for a patio which style is best? You will have lots of styles to choose from including sliding doors or french patio doors. Choosing between sliding doors… Read more »

The Advantages of Replacing Old Windows

For many homeowners the windows in their property may be old or need replacing. If you have bought a new house with old windows you may be considering changing them. Your home may have had the same windows in for many years so there are advantages of replacing old windows. Lower utility bills One of… Read more »

Quality tests new windows go through

When you are looking at new windows and doors for your home, you will see the term “quality tested” mentioned. Understanding this will reassure you that the windows you choose will be safe, secure, and long-lasting for your home. It sounds great, but what quality tests do new windows go through? Here we take a… Read more »

Composite Doors

Composite doors – what are they? You will have heard of uPVC, aluminium or timber doors but what about composite doors? A door material that is rising in popularity, composite doors are an excellent choice for any home. Here, we take a look at the advantages of choosing a composite door over other options. What… Read more »

How to Keep a Conservatory Warm in Winter

A conservatory is a popular addition to family homes. It not only adds more space but can add a pleasing look to the house. While most modern conservatories provide a warm and comfortable additional room, some older models can be cold during the winter months. If you have bought a home with an old conservatory… Read more »

Maintenance Tips for uPVC Windows

uPVC doors and windows are a popular choice for homeowners because of the minimum maintenance required. These types of windows and doors take a lot less work than wooden frames to stay looking their best. When you add new windows to your home, you will want them to stay looking as good as when they… Read more »

Do I need planning permission for a conservatory?

Planning a new room or extension to your home will give you more space, and with a conservatory, these new additions will bring in lots of light. You may think that your home extension is small and won’t need planning permission. It is always advisable to check with the local authority before starting home renovations…. Read more »