How to get rid of misting in double glazing

One common problem that people experience with double glazing is the window misting up between the panes of glass. This happens when water enters the vacuum space between the two panes, heats up and cools down- much like condensation on the outside of the glass. Here is all you need to know about how to get rid of misting in double glazing. 

Why this happens

The main cause for misted double glazing is a broken seal on the window. This can be due to a few different factors, such as the window being fitted poorly when initially installed, wearing down of the seal from chemicals in cleaners and the age of the window. 

When cleaning windows, it is beneficial to use cleaning products that are not suited for windows and include some harsh chemicals in their ingredients. The age of the window will also mean that the seal will naturally deteriorate over time and this is one of the reasons why replacing old windows is necessary. 

The seal being broken can cause more issues than just the windows misting up- the seal being broken means that heat is able to escape your home more easily and reduces the energy efficiency of your home. 

Is it possible to fix yourself?

While it is technically possible to fix misted double glazing by yourself, it is not something that we would advise you to do. The process is tricky, and if not done correctly it could seriously damage your windows and reduce the effectiveness of the double glazing even further. We recommend that you contact a local glazing company in order to fix your windows opposed to attempting it yourself. 

Replacing your windows

Some glaziers can fix the problem with the seal, but it is much more common that the whole window will need to be replaced. If your windows are relatively new and are still under warranty, you may be able to get them replaced due to issues with the initial installation. Check with the company that installed your windows and see if your warranty covers this issue. 

If your windows are older or not covered by warranty, you may have to pay out to have your windows replaced. Although this will cost you money, it will reduce how much energy you use to heat your home and therefore save you money in the long term. 

For more information on how to fix misted double glazing, contact a member of the team or phone us at 0116 231 8000.