How to Keep a Conservatory Warm in Winter

A conservatory is a popular addition to family homes. It not only adds more space but can add a pleasing look to the house. While most modern conservatories provide a warm and comfortable additional room, some older models can be cold during the winter months. If you have bought a home with an old conservatory or find that the one in your house is colder than other rooms, there are some things you can do.


Tips for keeping a conservatory warm

You may have noticed a temperature difference in the conservatory of your home. Some things that can help include:

  • Check window and door openings
  • Add a heat source
  • Remove damp
  • Improve flooring
  • Replace the roof

Not all of these solutions are suitable for every budget, but some are quick and inexpensive ways to make the room cosier.

Cheap ways to warm up a conservatory

A simple maintenance routine of checking all of the door and window openings is essential. You can make sure all of the windows close properly to avoid cold air coming in. Some simple adjustments can make the doors close properly, so the room is less draughty.

Damp in any space can affect the temperature in a room. Airing out the room or buying a dehumidifier can help remove any dampness from the air. Open up the area to the rest of the house to improve airflow and prevent damp buildup.

The flooring in the space can make the room feel cold. A simple solution of adding rugs or a carpet can make the room feel much warmer. If there are no radiators in the conservatory, you can use electric heaters. These are plugged into an electrical socket and will add warmth instantly.

Top improvements for heating a conservatory

If you have more of a budget, then you can consider doing some renovations to the conservatory. Underfloor heating is an excellent way of creating a cosy environment in any room. If you don’t want to take up the flooring, you can add a radiator to keep the conservatory warm in winter.

For a conservatory that is ten years old or more, you may want to consider replacing the roof. Old conservatories used materials that are much less efficient than modern glazing. Replacing the old glass with double or triple glazing will be a vast improvement.  While it may seem like a big step to replace the roof, a professional conservatory installer can do this easily. They will be able to assess the condition of the existing roof glazing and suggest improvement options.


The glass used in the windows and doors of the conservatory could also be upgraded. You don’t necessarily have to replace the whole thing. Upgrading the glass to more efficient double glazing will save you lots of money on heating bills in the future.

If you are considering updating your conservatory, want a new conservatory or need replacement conservatory windows, we can help. As the conservatory fitter that Leicester homeowners prefer, Norman & Underwood have vast knowledge in this area. We can advise you on improving your existing glazing, provide emergency glass repairs or give you a conservatory quote, so contact us today.