How to keep your house cool in summer

It may not always seem like it but we are moving towards the warmer weather of summer, so the focus is slowly going to shift from keeping our houses warm to keeping them cool. 

Keeping a house cool during summer can be much harder than warming it up during winter, but being able to do so will keep you comfortable even when it’s sweltering outside. This can also make an incredible difference to how well you sleep, as many people struggle to get a good night’s sleep when it is too hot in their room. 

As most homes in the UK are not fitted with air conditioning, hot summers can lead to an increased use of electric fans in order to keep cool. We’ve compiled a few tips and tricks to keep your house cool in summer without relying too much on electricity.

Closing the curtains during the day

One simple trick to keeping rooms cooler is to keep the curtains or blinds closed on hot days. This is particularly useful for rooms that get a lot of sunlight in the morning and early afternoon, as they are often the hottest. You can see this being implemented in many hot countries around the world, as they often have shutters on the outside of their windows to keep the heat out. 

Doing this, and opening the window, in your bedroom a couple of hours before you plan to go to bed can cool down your room significantly, and lead to a better night’s sleep.

Air circulation 

Simply opening a window in your home isn’t enough to keep it cool. In fact it could lead to warm air entering your house due to the heat outside being higher than inside. It also increases the risk of flies, bees and wasps entering your home.

However, opening multiple windows around the house for short periods of time throughout the day will aid in reducing the heat inside. By opening windows on the bottom and top floors of your home, cooler air will be drawn from the bottom as the warm air escapes from the top. 

By creating air circulation, you will be able to cool down your home quite quickly, without needing to keep windows open for long periods of time and inviting a number of flying friends in. 

Double glazing

While you may think that double glazing is primarily for keeping heat in during the winter, it also helps to keep your house cool in summer. It even works in the same way- the vacuum between the two panes of glass doesn’t allow heat to pass through, and so your house will stay cooler than the outside world. Coupled with some of these other tips, your house will be comfortable even on the hottest days. 

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