How to make older homes more energy efficient

An older house or period property can exude a charm that can’t be found in a new build. While these older houses have lots of unique features that make them stand out they are not usually very energy efficient.

Old style windows, doors and building materials used in older houses can cause the property to be drafty and lose heat quickly. If you have a house like this you may be wondering how to improve your home’s energy efficiency without losing that period charm.

Here we take a look at some things that you can do that will make your home more cosy and help to save money on energy bills.

Energy efficient windows make your home warm and cosy

Replacement windows

One of the main areas of heat loss in old houses can be the windows. Replacing these can improve energy efficiency dramatically. Although single pane windows are a rarity they can still be present in homes that are older or in period houses.

If you have a period home, you will need to check with your local council to see if you need planning permission to change the windows. Listed properties or homes in conservation areas can have restrictions or strict guidelines on what can be changed.

Are energy efficient windows worth it?

The benefits of energy star windows and properly insulated window frames cannot be overstated. The loss of heat through inefficient windows or poorly installed glass can be significant. You have spent money heating the house, you don’t want it to leak out through drafty old windows.

Changing sash windows or stained glass windows with uPVC alternatives can give you a much more cosy feel to your house. The design options of windows available today can be chosen to recreate your existing windows. These like-for-like replacements will not change the overall look of your older home, giving you the classic period look but with the benefits of modern windows.

Full windows replacement may not be necessary if your window frames are in good condition you can choose to replace old single pane glazing with new double glazing glass within existing frames.

An experienced window fitting company will be able to advise you on the best course of action for updating windows in older homes.

Replacement doors

Another source of heat loss in old houses can be the front door or other doors that lead outside. If your home has a classic design or stained glass insert in the front door, this could be recreated in a new modern front door.

Poorly fitted doors or doors made from materials that have worn over time can be a big cause of heat loss. Replacing these old doors with uPVC or properly insulated doors that will complement your period house will make you much more comfortable.

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