Know when to replace the windows in your home

Two old windows in a home.

Replacing the windows in your home is not something that many people think about often unless they are planning a complete renovation. However, it is something that could lead to general improvements to your home, such as better energy efficiency and increased security. So here are some signs to watch out for to know when to replace the windows in your home. 

If you feel a draft

One of the more noticeable signs for when to replace windows in your home is that you feel a breeze from the outside coming in. This then causes your house to feel colder and your heating bills to go up. Suddenly, the energy efficiency if your home has dropped and you’re paying more to keep warm. 

A draft could be caused by a split in the seal of the window, a window frame in need of repair or even a break in the windowpane itself. These are issues that can be fixed by an experienced glazier, but you may find it more beneficial in the longer term to replace the entire window. When considering this, make sure you take into consideration the cost of repairs versus replacement. 

When security becomes a problem

The security of your house is an important part of making it feel like a home. You need to know that yourself and your belongings are safe and secure. If you start finding that your windows won’t lock, close or even open properly- it’s time to replace them. This can be caused by general wear and tear on locking systems, wooden frames expanding due to high temperatures or even the window dropping in the frame from age. 

Replacing your windows and frames when they get into such disrepair helps prevent unwanted intruders from entering your home.

Condensation inside double glazing

Condensation between the panes of glass in double glazing can indicate that there is a problem with the fitting. It could either be a break in either pane or the seal holding the panes together has broken down over time and that allows moisture to get into the gap. This then means that your double glazing is no longer effective- it will allow heat to escape your home much easier due to no vacuum between the panes and will reduce the energy efficiency of your home (as mentioned above). 

While it is possible to have this issue fixed by a glazier, it is much more effective and easier to replace the window itself. 

Meet your aesthetic requirements

Now not all reasons to replace your windows are negative. Sometimes your house will just need a quick refresh in style, or to match up with your own aesthetic when you move into a new home. Changing up the style of your windows or even having larger ones installed to bring in more natural light is a great way to change the feel of your space. 

If you are changing up the style or size of the windows in your home, make sure you have any necessary planning permission. Making big changes without checking with your local regulatory body could end up proving ber expensive!

If you need more information on the best windows for your home, contact our team today. We can help you determine if your windows really need replacing or if they can be fixed!