Quality tests new windows go through

When you are looking at new windows and doors for your home, you will see the term “quality tested” mentioned. Understanding this will reassure you that the windows you choose will be safe, secure, and long-lasting for your home. It sounds great, but what quality tests do new windows go through? Here we take a look at what windows go through so they make the grade for installation. 


Quality checks for new windows and doors

Choosing the right windows and doors for your house can feel overwhelming. Finding the best windows for energy efficiency and security is a given. While these things are essential, you also want windows and doors that will last. You don’t want to have to find replacement windows because the ones you choose prove to be poor quality.

The best window installation companies will be able to provide details on the tests their products go through. Windows and doors have to handle a lot so that you will want something high-quality. Some criteria for windows and doors include:

  • Security checks
  • Weather tests
  • Safety test 

Security tests for windows and doors

Security is not an area that you want to compromise on when it comes to windows and doors. These units will be the way you secure and lock your home when you leave. For peace of mind, windows and doors in the UK must meet specific requirements.

Security checks for windows and doors are covered in Document Q in Building Regulations and also PAS 24 testing requirements. Strict quality checks and tests are done at various stages throughout the manufacturing process. Every step is taken so the manufacturer can make sure your windows and doors are as secure as possible. 

Windows weather tests

Your windows will protect the interior of your house from the elements. Because of this it is vital to see how they hold up against different weather conditions. Weather testing for windows includes:

  • Temperature tests
  • Wind and storm checks
  • UV light
  • Energy efficiency – how well does it stop heat coming through or losing heat

Safety tests

New windows not only have to be secure but safe too. For compliance with UK Building Regulations, new double glazing windows have to pass various checks. Some of the safety checks your new windows will have passed include:

  • Fire safety assessment – opening areas in case of fire and smoke tightness
  • Fall protection
  • Ventilation 

Choosing the best quality windows and doors

While you may find the whole process of finding the right doors and windows confusing, there is help out there. A reputable window company will provide windows and doors that conform to strict safety standards.

As the window installation company Leicester homeowners and businesses trust, we can help. If you are looking for triple glazing, replacement glass, or new doors and double glazing, we have what you need. Our experts can visit your home and advise you on the best windows for security and safety. Contact us today for a free quote.