Top 5 home decor improvement trends for 2021

Due to last year’s incredible shifts in our daily lives and world operations, most homeowners seek the latest home improvement trends to renovate their homes accordingly. 

Did you know that according to most recent studies, it is predicted that by the end of 2025, 22% of the workforce will be working remotely? This is an 87% increase from the number of remote working people before the pandemic. In this blog, we want to share our top five home improvement decorating ideas with you that you must keep an eye on for 2021. 

1. Home offices 

One of the most valuable home improvement ideas that most homeowners seem to have adapted to finding new ways of maximising the uses of spaces they are spending time in. 

With more and more workers taking up remote positions, we will see an even more significant increase in demand for work-space renovation. Thankfully, with a simple internet search, we can now find many home office decor ideas and DIY home decor articles to get some inspiration from. Current bedrooms and bonus spaces could be transformed into offices. The aim here is to create as many functional spaces as possible for both living and working purposes. 

A great example would be to start using functional home decor accessories, such as built-in furniture hidden away or used for work and storage. Even more, the sound insulation in the walls could be improved, so that the areas you are working in can be more calm and quiet. One of the most important aspects when working from home is having enough natural light, both for productivity and health reasons. In case your newly decorated home office doesn’t give you the amount of light you need, check out our blog to find out how to bring more natural light into your home

2. Extending the indoors into the outdoors 

When thinking about how to improve your home decor, a great solution is to create comfortable outdoor living spaces that are an extension of your indoors. 

Designing your home so that you can create a natural flow between the indoors and outdoors is one of the most popular home renovation trends in 2021. This means that you could even install glass doors, either large sliding or folding doors to let the outside in, and the other way around. Other modern home decor ideas include outdoor heating lamps, fireplaces, and cosy couches to extend relaxation, especially during colder seasons. If there is a silver lining to the pandemic, it indeed is the reunion with nature, the reason why outdoor design and hardscaping is one of the most significant home trend predictions for 2021. It makes sense that because most of us are staying indoors, we are now looking to experience our home in new and creative ways. 

3. More organised spaces 

It’s no surprise that most people have chosen to focus on the only world they can control, and that is their home. Compared to last year, online searches for closet design went up by 71%, as did traffic for home organisers, by 39%. 

This explains why most home decor stores have picked up on these trends and extended their home decor products range. This year, functional home design will defiantly be on the rise, as people desire homes that are more organised and zen. What is even more interesting is that there have been many unique home decor attempts such as in-house cinemas, bowling lanes, full home bars, home gyms, and even climbing walls! Together with these, green initiatives are on the rise too in terms of home decor improvements, promising to bring a boon of work for both the commercial and residential renovation industries. Only by looking at last year’s online searches, mentions for sustainable landscaping increased by 172%, and solar panel installation went up by 13%, so we are precisely going to see even more eco-conscious home ethos in people. However, homeowners are starting small by considering the first things they want to change or add to their house, such as installing double glazed units. In case you find yourself to be in this position, check out our blogs to know when to replace windows and find out the most popular window styles in the UK

4. Kitchen refresh 

We know for a fact that kitchen improvements will take over this year, as online searches for kitchen remodels are up by 84% compared to last year, as well as kitchen islands and countertops by 83%. 

Homeowners seek to make small changes and improvements that will make a big difference and create a modern look. It is amazing how much fresh paint, new furniture, creative home decor items, and new materials can add to a space. Another popular option for kitchen improvements are skylights and roof lanterns. We have some awe-inspiring blogs on these topics, so make sure to head over to our articles about the pros and cons of having skylights installed in your house and what are the benefits of roof lanterns for more inspiration. A pro tip from us is to seek unconventional materials and textural finishes when decorating your kitchen, as they will surely be among the top home decor improvement trends in 2021. 

5. Bathroom sanctuaries 

Bathrooms offer so much more than just a safe space to clean up. They are the place where you can relax, whether in a hot shower or a warm and bubbly bath. 

Just by adding simple additions like luxurious home decor accessories, relaxing aromas, soothing colours, and candles, you can create a personal retreat in the comfort of your home. People seem to love bath caddy trays, as they are the perfect home decor item to hold a book, a glass of wine, and even a snack! Transforming your bath into a fancy spa doesn’t have to be complicated, but instead, you can start thinking out of the box. Believe it or not, plants are most likely the essential piece of equation of the overall spa facade. By adding houseplants and flowers into your bathrooms, you can create a healthy environment that will instantly bring life into the room. Try to opt for low-maintenance plants such as succulents or air plants because they have a longer lifespan, and they are much more stylish. Another rising aspect of home decor improvement trends are bidets. People seem to be more interested in installing bidets in their bathrooms, as they can see their many benefits and functionality. The good news is that you don’t need to install an entirely new piece of furniture in your bathroom, but instead, you can get a bidet attachment for the toilet. 

And there you have it, our top five home decor improvements to look forward to in 2021! At Norman & Underwood, we supply windows in a wide variety of styles and sizes, and our expert team of window installers can guide you in finding and fitting the perfect choice for your home. Contact us today if you want to find out more, and one of our friendly team members will get back to you as soon as possible!