Maintenance Tips for uPVC Windows

uPVC doors and windows are a popular choice for homeowners because of the minimum maintenance required. These types of windows and doors take a lot less work than wooden frames to stay looking their best. When you add new windows to your home, you will want them to stay looking as good as when they were first put in. Here we take a look as some easy uPVC maintenance tips.


General uPVC maintenance

Windows and doors made from uPVC have various moving parts, and these will need to be kept clean and free from debris build-up. The frames and window glass should also be kept clean with a wipe down regularly. uPVC doors and windows will require some maintenance from time to time. Doing these things will help to keep your windows good as new:

  • Window glass – the double glazed glass or triple glazing in uPVC windows and doors can be kept clean using any standard glass cleaner. Exterior grime build-up can be removed using warm soapy water. If you have leaded glass, be careful not to press too hard when cleaning. Excessive pressure on leaded glass panes can make the lead come loose.
  • Handles – dust and dirt build-up should be removed with a damp cloth and handles should be dried thoroughly afterward. Check the screws holding the handles onto the windows or doors are tight. Tighten loose screws with a screwdriver but don’t over tighten. If the screws are too tight it could stop the handles and locks working correctly. Do not use any type of abrasive cleaner on door handles or lock mechanisms.
  • Window frames – window frames will only need to be cleaned every few months to remove the build-up of dirt. Use warm¬†soapy water to clean the frames and then wipe with a clean, dry cloth. Stains can be removed using a cream cleaner but make sure it is a non-abrasive cleaner. Woodgrain effect window frames should also be kept clean this way, do not use polish or sand these types of window frames.
  • Locks – the lock faceplate can be wiped clean with an oiled cloth and lock mechanisms should be sprayed with an appropriate lubricant.
  • Tracks – patio and bi-fold door tracks should be kept clear of debris to help them to move freely. Keep the drainage channels clear.

uPVC window repairs

Although you may have been taking good care of your windows and doors, they will sometimes need repairs. If you have noticed a draft from the windows or doors, they may need attention. Broken weather seals or window gaskets will need to be fixed.  

Any issues with uPVC windows and doors can be looked at by a professional window installer. They will be able to assess whether a simple repair will fix the problem. Should the glass or other components of the window need to be replaced, the window fitter will be able to supply and fit these. If you have noticed an issue with your uPVC windows or need replacement glass for double glazing, contact us today.