What are uPVC Sash Windows?

Sash windows were used in homes from around the 1700’s to the early 1900’s. This is why you will very likely see traditional sash windows on period homes. While you may think that sash windows are only suited to older, traditional houses they can also be used in modern builds that want to add a touch of retro style.

A sash window usually consists of two panes of glass, an upper and lower portion. These panes will slide up or down to open the window. A single hung sash window will have only one moving pane while a double hung will be designed to allow both the upper and lower panes to slide.

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Why choose uPVC Sash windows?

There are a number of reasons that homeowners choose uPVC sash windows rather than the traditional wooden sash windows. If you are considering updating your windows, here are a number of advantages to choosing uPVC double glazed sash windows vs wooden sash windows:

  1. 1. Cost – uPVC sash windows cost less than wooden or aluminium sash windows
  2. 2. Low maintenance – a simple clean with a wet cloth and mild detergent will keep these windows looking their best, much easier to maintain than wood
  3. 3. Durable – this type of sash window will last longer, can withstand weather and the uPVC won’t discolour due to sunlight
  4. 4. Customisable -uPVC can be produced in an array of colours and finishes so you can choose the perfect look for your home
  5. 5. Insulation – as an excellent insulator, uPVC sash windows will keep your home cosy and help save money on your energy bills

Can I use uPVC sash windows in my period house?

If you have a period home or listed property, there are some restrictions on the materials you are allowed to use. A number of uPVC sash window types and brands have been approved for use in listed properties.

Manufacturers have worked hard to create modern uPVC windows that fit perfectly into the aesthetic of a period house. Due to this, some local authorities have approved the use of sash windows made from uPVC for use in older or listed homes.

You should check with your local authority for more information on any regulations or restrictions that could apply to using uPVC sash windows in your home.

Things to consider before choosing uPVC sash windows

Investing in new windows for your property can bring many benefits. uPVC sash windows can make your home warmer, will block more outside noise and are much easier to maintain. However, when choosing sash windows made from uPVC there are a number of things you will need to consider.

  • Restrictions – if you live in a conservation area or listed building you will need to check with your local planning office to see if uPVC sash windows can be used.
  • Style – keeping the charm of a period house or old-style building is important and choosing the right style of uPVC sash window is essential.
  • Installation – whenever you carry out work on your home you will always want the best company to carry out the work. Experienced sash window fitters will make sure that the finished look is right and that everything is fitted correctly.

As a trusted window installer in Leicester and beyond, Norman & Underwood can help you find the right sash windows for your home.

If you need replacement glass for sash windows or you are looking for the latest uPVC sash window designs, we can help, so contact us today for more information.