Why should I use fire rated glass

You may have noticed that some windows and doors have special glass inside or you may be looking into the need for fire rated glass in your building project or business. There are a number of different things to look for when choosing the right glass and a fire rated glass supplier. Here we take a more detailed look at what fire rated glass is and when you will need to use it.

What is fire rated glass?

Fire rated glass is a specialist type of glazing that is used to help protect against the spread of fire and smoke. The glass has been specially designed and strictly tested to make sure that it can withstand the heat of a fire and will act as a barrier to prevent any smoke or fire spreading further through a building. Fire rate glass is usually rated for prevention of the spread of fire and smoke while other panels can also have an insulation rating. These thermal rated fire glass panels will also prevent the heat of a fire spreading.

Fire safety glass is given a specific rating after being tested. This is rated in periods of time, ranging from 30 minutes and above.

Where is fire rated glass required?

There are a number of building regulations that state, where fire rated glass, is required within a building or project. If you are looking to build a new project you should confirm with your local authority to check if fire rated glass will be needed.

Over the years the choices of fire rated glass have increased. Previously only wired glass panels were classified as strong enough to endure the impacts and stresses of a fire. Advanced manufacturing techniques and extensive testing have been able to create much more choice when it comes to fire-rated doors and glass.

Where can I buy fire rated glass?

As a trusted fire rated glass door and window supplier in Leicester and beyond, Norman & Underwood are able to provide a choice of glazing to suit your needs. We are able to provide the right type of fire rated glass for your business or building project. If you require wired fire glass doors, clear fire glass doors or safety wired fire glass doors, we can help.

Our products are made to the highest standards and meet the necessary safety regulations. We can provide doors with the right integrity and insulation fire rating to fit the building safety and building regulations applicable to your needs.

Why use fire-rated windows and doors?

As an important component of fire safety, there are a number of areas within a building that must have fire rated glass. In order to be compliant with the applicable building regulations, there is a need to have fire rated safety glass. Regulations detail the fire safety reasons for having fire-rated glass and doors and these include:

• Providing a safe escape route in the event of a fire

• Preventing the spread of fire, smoke and heat

• Ensuring the buildings structural integrity

• Providing safe access to the building in the event of a fire

The specific requirements for fire-rated glass and fire rated doors can be confirmed with your local authority.

If you require fire safety glass, fire rated doors or wired fire glass Norman and Underwood can help. We have extensive experience in the industry and pride ourselves on providing high-quality solutions for both business and personal premises. Contact us today for more information.