Common double glazing problems and how to fix them

Double glazing is an excellent way of making your home more energy efficient. It is designed to make your house more cosy for years after installation. If you have problems with double glazing in your home it can be incredibly frustrating. The windows may be old and showing some signs of wear or you may find that the windows are difficult to open. Here we explore common double glazing problems and how to fix them.

Most common issues with double glazing

While most people don’t have issues with new double glazing windows and doors there are some people that encounter problems. If you are experiencing faults with your double glazing, you are not alone. The most common problems with double glazing are:

  • • Difficulty opening double glazing windows
    • Doors or windows dropping so they no longer fit properly
    • Problems with locks on windows
    • Condensation in double glazing

How to fix problems with double glazing

Over time, the double glazing units can become more difficult to open or look like they don’t fit as well as they did. Here are some things you can do to fix the issues you have with your double glazing:

1. Difficulty opening double glazing windows or windows dropped

The hinges in the doors and windows may have become loose or the mechanism can become stiff. This can result in windows being difficult to open or close. You can try oiling the hinges or window mechanisms to see if this improves the movement. Screws on the hinges may have become loose, tightening these may fix the problem.

2. Problems with locks on windows

If the issue appears to be with the locks on your windows, you can try tightening the screws holding it in place. Oiling the locking mechanism can also help make it work properly. If neither of these things work, the locks may need replacing.

You can contact a window installer to replace the locks only, you might not need to replace the frames. An experienced window installation company will be able to advise you.

3. Condensation in double glazing

If you notice condensation on your double glazing it may mean the room is not properly ventilated. Make sure you air rooms regularly and add an air brick if possible. This will allow moisture to leave your house rather than being drawn to the glass on your windows.

Condensation inside double glazing panes is usually a sign of a problem with the seals. The window seal may have broken down over time or been damaged. Window seals can be replaced simply and quickly by a trusted window company. Some window models may have the seals built in, if this is the case the double glazing pane will have to be changed.

4. Fixing double glazing

If you have experienced these problems with your windows or doors, there are ways to fix it. The double glazing windows may not have to be replaced completely, a new lock or seal may be all that is needed. As a window repair company Leicester homeowners trust, we can offer advice on repairs. Our expert installers can assess the problem for you and find the best solution.

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