How to temporarily fix a shattered house window?

There are several reasons that you may find a shattered house window. Cracked windows from weather damage or broken windows after a break-in will require replacement. While a window repair company will usually be able to come out a repair a broken window quickly, you can do some things in the meantime.

A broken window is a security risk and leaves your home vulnerable. Windows that are cracked or broken also let out a lot of heat, so the longer they are left, the more you will spend on heating bills.

What to do with a broken window

Finding a broken window at home or your business premises can be distressing. A broken window should be dealt with as soon as you discover it. If you do find a broken or damaged window you can:

  • Board up the windows 
  • Order replacement glass
  • Arrange for the replacement glass to be installed

The first step is to remove all of the broken glass and clear the window ready for boarding it up. Be careful if you are doing this yourself. Carefully remove all of the glass and clean out the space so a board can close up the affected window.

Boarding up will keep the house or building secure until the new glass is ready to be installed. You can use a window installation company to do this for you. Our Leicester emergency boarding up service is available 24 hours a day and seven days a week. A professional window fitter can come out to your home and resecure the area to keep the elements out of your house.

Order replacement glass for windows

Once the area is secure again, you can choose the new glass to replace the damaged window. A professional window installer will be able to see if the frame has been damaged. Depending on the state of the broken window, you may have to order glass or a replacement window.

Our replacement glazing services can supply and install new glass panes or replacement windows in a quick time. When the glass is ready to install, our expert fitters will replace the window pane without damaging the existing frame. If the whole window needs replacing, the new unit will be fitted at a time that is convenient for you.

At N and U Glass, our team has experience in emergency repairs and boarding up services. If you need a pane of glass replacing or want new windows, we can help. As a top commercial glazing company in Leicester, we are on hand if you find a damaged or broken window at your business premises.

We have been working with homeowners and business customers across the Midlands for years. If you are looking for emergency window repairs or window glass replacement, contact us today.

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