What are the most popular window styles in the UK?

When it comes to choosing the best windows for your home, it can feel like a big task. There are so many choices when it comes to styles; how do you know which is best? Here we explore the most popular window styles in the UK. We look at why you should choose a specific type and which types of windows suit which types of homes.

Top window styles in the UK

Looking at the shape, size, and materials for your new window installation can give you almost limitless options. To choose the best windows, you will have to consider a balance between the windows’ look and design to their function. The most popular window styles in the UK are:

Casement windows

You will most commonly find these types of windows on modern houses, and they have been a popular choice for homeowners for many years. A casement window can be a single pane or multiple pane design and will have hinges on the side so the unit can open outwards or into the home. If you are updating your home and want a modern look, these types of windows are ideal. You can choose from various colours, sizes, and finishes to complement the exterior of your home.

Sash windows

Sash windows open using a sliding mechanism, rather than the hinges you see on a casement window. The windows can open by sliding vertically or horizontally. You can choose a single sliding sash window or have both panes be able to move. Sash windows are a popular choice for older buildings and period homes. They have a charming look and give you space-saving benefits as well as increased ventilation.

Bay & Bow windows

Buying bay windows or bow windows allow you to add more space and a lot of light to your home. You can create a reading nook or cosy seating space within the window area. Bay windows can use either casement or sash windows, so they offer lots of versatility. Bay windows are popular in bungalows and smaller homes as they give you more space and add depth to the house.

Fixed window panels

A fixed window is the perfect choice for hard-to-reach areas and adds a modern touch to any home. These are the ideal option if you want to add more light into a room with high ceilings or add an exciting touch to a large wall area. Fixed windows are often used in modern buildings to add architectural interest and increase the feeling of space in a house.

Bi-fold doors and windows

A hugely popular choice for extensions and modern houses, bi-fold windows allow you to push back the windows completely to join two spaces. It is the ultimate way to bring the outdoors into your home with large bi-fold doors connecting the room to your garden. Bi-folds are ideal for kitchen extensions or for anyone that wants a new and modern look for their house.

If you are looking to install new windows or want replacement windows for your home, we can help. Our expert window installers can visit your home and advise on the best choices. We can supply windows and doors in many styles and sizes, so we can help you find the perfect look for your house. Whether you need traditional windows or modern glazing options, our team can provide the best windows. Contact us today for more information.