Pros and cons of having skylights installed in your house

Whilst installing a skylight in your home can seem like a universally great idea and design feature, this comes with a couple of flaws as well. There is no question that a skylight window can be beneficial for a house due to their increased ability to bring in natural light. 

While this being the case, homeowners might not realise that skylights can have some severe negative impacts on spaces or a whole house for various reasons. First, let’s discuss the benefits of installing skylights into your home. 

Extra daylight and energy savings

One of the most positive aspects of a skylight installation is that they bring a lot of extra natural daylight into a room, especially during cold winter months when days are a lot shorter, and there are a few hours of sunlight. 

This feature is also very beneficial during rainy or overcast climates, or in houses that let in very little natural light from their existing windows. A skylight frame is usually installed in bathrooms, especially in those placed in the middle of a house, to let in natural light in rooms that otherwise couldn’t have a window. By using skylights, you will also be able to cut down on the number of lights you turn on during the day, which can save you a bit of money on your next electricity bill. 

Many design options 

Another benefit of a skylight roof is their flexibility and wide range of options. They can significantly vary in location, shape, size, and angle to take advantage of local conditions. 

A skylight can be skillfully designed to capture early morning sunlight to increase the space’s temperature, but it can also miss the intense afternoon sun that might overheat the room. An exciting feature is that some skylight designs come with shades or coatings to prevent overheating, which is a win-win situation. 

Extended space

Small spaces in a home can quickly appear larger than they are if they are illuminated by a lot of natural daylight which skylights allow. 

An ordinarily cramped and cluttered room can feel a lot larger with the inclusion of a skylight, even though there has been nothing done to the actual room size. Homeowners usually use mirrors and natural light to enhance the visual space of their rooms, however, skylights are the most effective method to add in perceived space whilst offering a view of the outside with no obstruction. 

Now, let’s discuss the slight disadvantages that skylights can come with. 

Energy leaks

Unfortunately, skylights can lead to a lot of energy and heat leaking, especially if installed incorrectly or cheaply. 

In most cases, the windows’ energy loss could end up costing even more money than what can be saved by using fewer electric lights. To avoid this, you must consult with your installer about any possible modifications in energy costs, and discuss the use of energy-efficient upgrades, one of the most recommended ones being double-paned windows. Luckily, these issues can be quickly resolved when working with experienced glazing installers like Norman & Underwood and purchasing quality brands. 

Costly option and installation issues 

The skylight installation cost can be quite expensive, from anywhere between £150 to £2,500 just for the product and its installation. 

The costs of these two things will greatly depend on which type of skylight you will want to purchase and install. You can opt for the manual, electric, or covered skylight, but ensure that you will use a reliable and high-quality providing company. 

Overheating and over-lighting

Even though the abundance of natural light rays can be a real lifesaver in some spaces, it can also lead to potential issues related to bringing too much light and heat into your home. 

With this in mind, make sure to think thoroughly about where you will place your skylights, their size, direction, climate control, and how exactly will you use them in designated rooms. 

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