10 Tips On How To Decorate Your Windows This Christmas

Our favourite time of the year is approaching, and you’ve guessed it, we’re talking about Christmas! When it comes to decorations, there’s a lot to cover inside and outside your house. You might start decorating your living room, kitchen, bedrooms…but what about your windows? 

Now you might be wondering why are windows essential during holidays? We encourage you to get creative and start brainstorming about how you can make your home spark by incorporating one (or more) of our ideas. Have your pick from our top 10 tips on window decorations, and let the fun begin!

1. DIY decorations

Do-it-yourself decorations are the perfect way to laugh with your family whilst crafting unique things to showcase in your windows. You could build garlands, snowflakes made out of paper, knitted Christmas socks, painted wood ornaments, and even carefully glued flowers made of all kinds of materials and textures from your home. 

2. Bring nature inside

Nothing compares with a natural touch in your home during special seasons. Pinecones, little tree branches with beautiful bows, decorative birds, animals, and flowers are favourites. If you have some lovely vases, place some tree branches inside, sparkle some fake snow and you will surely make an impression for your neighbours. 

3. Transparent glass ornaments 

Hang some glass baubles in your windows, and maybe even personalise them with some glitter and bright paint. You will notice that whenever the sunlight strikes in, the room will be covered in unique and shiny reflections. It looks pretty magical.

4. Toys garland 

This is a fun thing to do with kids, so gather some colourful toys (especially those laying all over your living room floor), and craft a garland with them. Add little figures, dolls, cars, animals, anything that the young ones love the most. This is a very warm invitation for everyone that passes next to your home. We all love feeling like kids, don’t we? 

5. Gingerbread cookies 

Dangerous for sweets lovers, but indeed a unique touch to your holiday home decor. Gingerbread confectionery is a very common thing you can hang on your windows for some extra creativity, gorgeous smells and a touch of spice. Bake your favourite shapes, decorate them with some icing, let them cool off well and then hang them on a red, white or green string. 

6. Candy canes 

You see them everywhere, in movies, shops, in your kid’s toys box and kitchen cupboards, but why not add them to your windows? They don’t have to be real (even though real candy is always better). They complement green ornaments very well, so adding them in between and on top of tree branches would be a real step up.

7. Lights

The easiest and classical way of decorating is hanging lightning. There is something special about fairy lights, as they can brighten up and lift the atmosphere in the darkest room in no time. Star-shaped light, hearts, raindeers, snowmen, snowflakes…everything you could think about, you can either find online or in shops. So make sure you add a little bit of light to your Christmas this year.

8. Christmas Wreath 

Hanging a rustic wreath made out of tree branches, poinsettias and a touch of rosemary plants, and this can be the focal point of a cheery room. We advise you to place at least one in your kitchen windows, and for the bathrooms, you could even place smaller ones on the corners of your mirrors. 

9. Candles

Candles are a fixture in windows during holidays, especially when paired with little faux Christmas trees covered with faux snow. A Christmas candle bridge seems to be a top choice, so pick an average size and get decorating it. Adding colour can always brighten up a room with joy.

10. Advent calendar

Not very popular (yet) amongst Christmas decorations, however, they do make waiting for the holiday season much more fun and exciting. You can create little white sacks and write the days of the month in red paint, tide them up with a ribbon and place them on strings. That way, each new day can bring a special something to your loved ones, keeping the festive spirit alive. 

But don’t forget about the most important aspect – your existing windows. Are they in good shape, do you think that now is an excellent time to replace them or give them a check? 

No worries, we can help! Our expert window installers can visit your home and advise on the best choices. We can supply windows in a wide variety of styles and sizes, so we can guide you in finding the perfect choice for your home. Whether you need traditional windows or modern glazing options, our team can provide the best support. Contact us today for more information.