The Advantages of Replacing Old Windows

For many homeowners the windows in their property may be old or need replacing. If you have bought a new house with old windows you may be considering changing them. Your home may have had the same windows in for many years so there are advantages of replacing old windows.


Lower utility bills

One of the most important things for property owners is the cost savings. When you change old windows for double glazing or triple glazing units you will notice that your utility bills go down. Making your home more energy efficient by changing windows is very cost-effective in the long run. 

New windows help to keep the home temperature more comfortable so you don’t have to keep adjusting the thermostat. You will see that you don’t have to put the heating on as early as before each winter. Lower heating bills and less energy consumption is great news for you and the environment.

Less noise

With so many houses close to each other and many busy roads, the noise pollution in your house can become annoying. Old windows are not effective when it comes to keeping outside noise out. So, with new windows for your house you will enjoy a quiet environment.

High-quality double glazed windows or triple glazing are highly effective at blocking out unwanted outside noise. If you live next to a park or school, new windows will reduce the noise that comes through into your home.

UV protection

Lots of natural light in a home is important but if too much UV light gets in it can damage furniture and carpets. To keep the interior of your home looking good for longer, new windows are essential. Installing double glazing will increase the UV protection value of the windows in your home.

Less UV light coming in will prevent furniture damage so your home stays looking great. New windows will block out up to 90% of the harmful UV light so you know your home and furniture is protected.

Improve the look of your home

Updating your windows will give your house a whole new look. When you replace your windows your home will look transformed. Windows and doors come in a variety of styles and colours. You will be able to find the perfect windows for your house. If you have a traditional home or modern build there will be a style of windows that will complement the

Whether you want crisp white frames on your double glazing or custom made stained glass, our experts can help. We make a wide range of windows and doors. Our experienced team can visit your property and advise you on the best style of windows for your home.

If you need replacement windows, new doors or have an emergency glazing repair, we can help. As the top window fitter, Leicester homeowners and businesses choose, our team is on hand for whatever you need. Contact us today for a quote for new windows.