Broken windows – what to do next

You come home or head to your business premises and find a smashed window, what do you do? Finding damage to your property can be distressing. Whether due to vandalism, burglary or another incident a broken window can feel like a big inconvenience. Here we detail the steps of what you will need to do…. Read more »

Energy efficient windows / glass

The windows and doors in your home can account for up to 10% heat loss. Windows with energy efficient glass can reduce this heat loss. Replacing old glazing with energy efficient windows can reduce your utility bills, keep your house warmer and reduce noise. Double and triple glazing Windows with double glazed panels use two… Read more »

Choosing the best design for replacement windows

If your home needs new windows or is under renovation, then you are about to be spoilt for choice. There is an extensive range of styles for you to choose from. You might be looking for a style that blends in with other homes nearby or maybe you are looking to make your home standout…. Read more »

Double glazing vs triple glazing

With up to 20 percent of the heat in your home being lost through your windows, it is no wonder that so many people are debating the pros and cons of triple glazing. Traditionally, triple glazing has been used in colder countries but many people in the UK are now also turning to triple glazing…. Read more »

How to measure a double glazed window

Note: This is only for a basic general guideline, Norman & Underwood Glazing would send out one of our fitters to fully measure and estimate prior to fitting. There are a number of reasons that you may be looking for a replacement double glazed window. The glass may be damaged or you may wish to… Read more »